Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get DBs, CPs, and plus items?

You can get DBs and plus items from hunting monsters, as quest rewards and as boss kills. Later you can exchange DBs for CPs at the CPAdmin in market, one DB is worth 215 cps. You can also gain CPs by doing monster exterminator quests and by selling items you hunt or make in a ShopFlag in market.

What comands can I used?

The list of our player/VIP commands can be found here or on our discord

Where can I redeem vote points/online points?

You can redeem vote points and online points at the RewardShop NPC in Twin City. 1 online point is obtained for 1 consecutive hour of gameplay.

What are the VIP features?

The VIP features include auto-looting of DBs, Mets, + items, super items, and elite items. VIP also gives you access to the VIP hunting map. VIP also gives access to remote warehouse, remote repair, and remote compose.You will also unlock a few extra commands with VIP. Every new player is granted 1 week of free VIP upon creation of their character.

What do I do if I have a problem?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can open a ticket on our discord to speak with the admins directly.

How do I make sockets?

Meteor spamming is the way to go. Go find ArtisianOu in TwinCity, talk to him and he will let you enter the UpgradeCenter. If you're lucky while upgrading or spamming you might get a socket in your item. LuckyTime greatly increases your chance of getting sockets.

How do I level up?

The best way of leveling up would be to grab some free double EXP from RewardShop in TwinCity, go out through the TwinCity Main Entrance and talk to TCCaptain and accept the MonsterExterminator quest. Keep killing and always do quests in each city to gain lots of experience. If you do not want to level yourself we have a lot of helpful players. Ask around and someone might PLVL you for a bit!

How do I get good gears?

Grinding and buying from other players is the best way to go. You can compose plus gears you get at EnchantingOven in market (Remote compose if VIP) and upgrade your gear quality using meteors in UpgradeCentre.

How do I get super gems?

Super gems can be acquired through mining, reborning, and through the magic lamp quest. If you choose gem rebirth when you reborn, you will be given a super gem of your choice. You will also receive another super gem at your level 100 promotion when you are 2nd reborn.

What is the MagicLamp quest?

MagicLamps are an item that is dropped by SandMonsters in Desert City. You can collect these items and then exchange 5 of them for a random refined gem at the SandWalker NPC in the bottom left corner of the DC map. If you are unsatisfied with the gem that you receive, you can try your luck in the market at the JewelerSun NPC and exchange the refined gem + 5 CPs for a random refined gem or a random normal gem.