Welcome to Illusion Conquer!

Server Version: 5212
US Host
24/7 Uptime
Level 137 / +12 Max
No Talis/Steeds
Reborn System
Hourly Events
Medium Rates
Custom Resolution
Custom Bosses
Active Staff
4 Main Classes
1 Week Free VIP
VIP Features

Illusion Conquer

Welcome to Illusion Conquer, a free Conquer Online server based in America. We are a balanced PvP and PvE server with many custom features. We run client version 5212 using the new jump style and many other features. There are hourly PvP tournaments and regular PvE events taking place all day long to keep players entertained along with active staff to help and guide you along your adventure here. While many servers take months to progress on, we have structured tournaments and bonus systems for you to enjoy here at Illusion. So what are you waiting for? Join Illusion and become the next legend!

To ensure an enjoyable experience whilst playing, we have chosen to have fast skill gains, and each new player gets a beginner pack to help them out.. New players are also encouraged to visit RewardShop located in TwinCity to obtain an x2 XP pot to help you on your journey.

Friendly Community

Our experienced staff are constantly working to improve our server with custom content and bug fixes.

So if you are looking for a friendly server, featuring only the best custom content and exciting and interesting gameplay; don't hesitate to log in and see for yourself why IllusionCo is one of the best servers around. With a 1000Mb/s connection and the 5212 client. It could not be easier to log in and have a look around. See you in game!

Guild War

Enjoy our weekly Guild War and prove that you are the best that there is!